One Room Challenge – Powder Room – Week 6

One Room Challenge – Powder Room – Week 6

The real fun begins…FINALLY!


I pulled off all the painters tape this week.  YAY!  FYI after several coats of paint man that was a pain!  I had to pull out the tweezers to get it out of the paint.  Little strips were ripping off…it was loads of fun….*sigh*


It feels so good to have that painters tape off.  The next step was to hang the shelves.  I only had 2 white shelves (which we purchased over a year ago and never used).  When I went to Lowe’s to get the 3rd white shelf, I realized they now have a new color (this birchwood gray color).  I was torn because I already felt like all the white from the board & batten plus the toilet & sink was too much white.  So I went ahead and went with the gray birchwood style shelves and am LOVING it!

I’ve also been attempting to track down red decor items.  I wouldn’t say I’ve found everything that I would hope for, but I am happy with what I have so far.

Red Cup Candle – Fireside Golden Gingersnap from Target

Red Glass Lantern Candle Holder from Target

In-spire wooden art from Hobby Lobby.

Horse Canvas art from Hobby Lobby.

Basket from TJ Maxx

Orchid from Ikea


When we installed the shelves we had to use drywall anchors because there was no stud around.  For some reason the shelf itself only came with 2 drywall anchors, yet there are places for 6 screws.  So, I’ll have to get some more.  I also wanted to share that we used the brackets as templates and basically drew it on the wall so that it looked like this:


And of course I had my handsome handymen helping me out all the while:

Note: my oldest with the book and pencil.  He said he was the Project Manager.


I love the way it looks and have already started added some decor pieces to figure out what looks good.  I didn’t originally intend to put a painting on that highest shelf, but I’m not exactly hating it.  I think I like it!

I do want something taller for that middle shelf though.


Finally, I decided to go with a basket on the floor to hold the extra toilet paper.  This one I picked up from TJMaxx.  So far it’s doing well.  However, I had also considered putting a plant there in the corner.  If I did go with a plant, then I would just put this toilet paper basket over under the hand towel & beside the toilet.


Oh, and I wanted to be sure and show how the trim colors are drastically different.  So now the majority of my home is still the tan trim and darker colors, and then you come into this beautiful and bright new powder room!  It’s like a different world!

So this shows how I had to only paint up to where the door actually closes so that it didn’t look weird from the hall way.  Someday I will have ALL my trim painted white!!


Now it’s time to close out today’s post.  Thank you SO much for joining me today and for all your sweet comments over the last few weeks.  Stay tuned for next week as I plan to do some better photos and it should look fantastic!


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Update 11/9/17 at 3:40pm EST: If you saw my post when I listed some items that were from the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line at Target, please forgive the mistake.  I was in the Hearth & Hand section and they were still setting up the section.  So when I turned to the opposite aisle, I just assumed it was all Hearth & Hand when it was not.  My mistake!  Target you tricked me!  I have updated links where I could, but not all items have links or are available online.

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