One Room Challenge – Powder Room – Week 3

One Room Challenge – Powder Room – Week 3

Things are happening!


I am stoked to finally stay that.  After 2 weeks of mostly just thinking about my project, I finally got some things purchased and paint onto the walls!


First, we had to take care of all the nail holes.  I can’t remember the brand right off hand, but it goes on pink and dries white.


Next we headed to Lowe’s to purchase the wood for our board and batten.  While there we went ahead and decided to purchase an Air Brad Nailer and we grabbed a new stud finder.


Wood: we got 4 – 8ft 1x3s (which will be the top edge) and we chose the lattice pieces (we have 4 – 8ft 0.25×1.5s) which will be the vertical sections.  This is because we are using our existing molding and the lattice pieces fit well there.  I am following the tutorial from Young House Love if you’re interested, you can check it out on their channel/blog.

Air Nailer – after looking at ALL the options at Lowe’s, we ultimately decided on this one.  The Bostitch which comes with the 6gal air compressor (and hose) and a brad nailer.  This is all we will need for our main project.  We considered the cordless, battery operated ones, but for the price this seemed much cheaper and we will have the air compressor for other uses going forward.  We might also come back and get the crown molding tool (because I’m pretty sure I want to add that to this room).  But for now, this is all we got.  There was the same thing with a 3 pack of tools as well.


Next it was back to the house for painting.  I really wanting to get this wood up right away, but they say it’s best to let it acclimate to the house first.  So instead it’s just been sitting in our house and will actually being going up later this afternoon (the day this is posted).  More to come next week on that.

Instead, I started painting with the PPG Sky Diving color that we had on hand from our upstairs bathroom paint job.  I chose to only paint down to where the board and batten will come up since we will be painting that white.


I’m happy to say that I did all of it myself, although, I completely underestimated the difficulty of painting this tiny room (all the obstacles).  I think we’re going to have to remove the toilet in order for me to actually finish painting…shhh..hubs doesn’t know about this yet.


This picture shows you the craziness that is our molding.  It’s like an off-white/beige/tan color (and it’s like this throughout the house!).  Why the door is a different color than the molding…I don’t know?!  I’ll be so happy to paint this ALL white!


Here are some links to the products I mentioned above.

1×3 – Primed Radiata Pine Board

0.25 x 1.5 – Primed Pine Square Lattice Moudling

Bostitch Air Compressor & Tool Kit

Zircon Stud Finder

PPG Paint – Sky Diving – Eggshell finish


Now you can head over here to check out the other guest participants’ progress and here to check on the featured participants’ progress.


Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!

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