One Room Challenge – Powder Room – Week 2

One Room Challenge – Powder Room – Week 2

Don’t be fooled!  That image is a digital test of the color I plan to use which we already have on hand.  It’s called PPG Sky Diving.


Not much to share this week.  I don’t think I stated it before but this month of October is probably the WORST month for me to try to participate in something like this.  It’s fall (even if the weather doesn’t know it)!  There are fun things to do!  It’s also our anniversary month, in fact TODAY is our Anniversary!  Love you, Babe!


It seems like we have things planned for every single weekend.  One of those things was this past weekend where we spent our time at the beach celebrating Mom & Dad’s retirement.


It was tons of fun…but the only thing that really got done for my powder room makeover, was more and more ideas/thoughts running through my head!


I did start to get the walls cleaned up.  Just wiped down and ready for painting.  My next step will be to putty and fill some nail holes.  And sand down any areas that might not be very smooth.


I did attempt to put together a design plan now that I have a bit more details, but honestly…it’s likely to change.  There are just some things that I won’t be able to decide on until I get in there.

For example, I think I want to try a very simplified board and batten around the entire room.  But on the sink/toilet side we’re going to have a lot of obstacles to get around.


My other idea is to use some of the new style of wallpaper (IE: adhesive vinyl) to do an accent wall – also on that same wall with sink and toilet – and again more obstacles!


But I promise, things are about to start happening and I should have more to share with you next week!


Stay tuned and feel free to follow me on instagram (@carolinahobbygirl) where I hope to share some progress as well!


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