One Room Challenge – Powder Room – Week 1

One Room Challenge – Powder Room – Week 1

Hi All!


Man, it feels good to be back on my blog.  As you may know, I’ve really been focused on YouTube this year, and not so much on this blog.  However, I decided to participate in something that I’m stoked about and it requires me to get back to my blog.   Win-Win!


So without any further delay, I have decided to be a guest participant in the One Room Challenge (ORC) for October 2017.  If you’re not familiar with this challenge, here is a link for you to learn more.


Basically, 20 designers are invited to participate and re-design an entire room (top to bottom) over the period of 6 weeks!  Additionally, anyone with a blog is invited to be a guest participant and essentially play along.  So that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do.


The main reason I’m going for this is because I was planning to work on our Powder Room anyway.  And then I read about the ORC and thought it would be the perfect way for me to stay accountable and motivated.  Also, I LOVE the idea of focusing on a single room and getting it complete.  How many of us have a project here and a project there without any room feeling complete?  Anyone?  I know you’re out there.


So if you’d like to join me on this journey please stay tuned!  You can sign up for e-mail updates so you won’t miss any posts that I make over the next 6 weeks.  And if you have a blog, then I invite you to join me!  Or even if you don’t.  Commit to a room redo and simply post updates on Facebook to your friends and family so that you are staying accountable.


And now, let’s talk about what I plan to do.


As I already stated, I’m starting with the powder room.  Basically because it is the smallest room in the house and I don’t feel like there is that much that needs to be done.  Trying to set myself up for success here!  Note: we moved into our home 1 year ago and I’ve done absolutely NOTHING!  I want to work on basically every single room to really make this house our own, so this is just a small step in the big scheme of things!


1) Freshen it Up

2) Add Storage


This is the bathroom that guests use, so I want it to be pretty!  But this is also the bathroom that we use most of the day because it’s the only bathroom downstairs.  I like to keep things needed for that room in that room (IE: extra toilet paper, toothbrush for the kids, potty chair, etc).


I temporarily added this cart I picked up from Walmart, and while it’s working, it’s just not pretty!  I want to hide most of that stuff if possible.


1) Paint (using a light blue – specific color to come later – that we already have on hand from our upstairs bathroom)

2) Add shelves and/or a storage unit

3) Accessorize


There is the possibility of some other updates but I don’t want to mention them yet, in case I decide against them.  Throughout the next 6 weeks you will see what progress I’ve made and what plans are next.  So if I decide to do some of these extra secret things that I’m avoiding mentioning, you will learn as time goes on.


I’ve been pulling some design inspiration from Pinterest.  Sorry for not having specifics for you, but this is going to be a very ad-hoc approach to designing.  Check out my Pinterest Board if you’d like to see what I’m eyeing.


Also, I noticed this one from Jill Sorensen’s (one of the featured designers) inspiration and it appears to be from designer Miles Redd.  I have to admit that the pops of red against the light blue is very eye catching!  Maybe some red florals or artwork could show up in my powder room!


Design by Miles Redd.


Now, I’m off to check out the other guest participants in the ORC HERE (maybe I’ll get some inspiration) and I invite you to do the same!  Also, you will want to check out the 20 featured bloggers (HERE).  Feel free to leave comments below and let me know which ones you’re most looking forward to following!  I need to pick my favs as well!


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