January 2017 Favorites

January 2017 Favorites

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I decided I wanted to share some Favorite items with you that I’ve enjoyed for the month of January 2017.  I have enjoyed watching & reading about other’s favorite things for the month and felt that I wanted to put mine out there.  Since reading and doing the KonMari method of decluttering I have a new outlook on items that I use and purchase.  I really focus on things that truly “Spark Joy” for me.  So with that in mind, these are items that I have purchased or used significantly in the month of January and you might enjoy them too.


  1. JANE DAVENPORT – Brights Watercolor Palette.  I LOVE this palette and the beautiful aqua tin that it comes in.I have been wanting some better quality watercolors for a while.  And I’ve had my eye on many different ones but when I saw these from Jane at Michael’s I had to scoop them up.  Frankly, I want to scoop up ALL of her products.  She has a new line of Mixed Media products sold at Michaels in the U.S. and online at www.janedavenport.com for the rest of the world.  She has everything!  Stamps, Watercolor, Acrylic, Washi Tape, Journals, etc.  A crafter’s delight!  I already have several of her items and truly do love them all, but I chose this one because it’s the one thing I truly needed.  Her Mermaid Markers are ink filled brush pens and they are awesome as well!  And very portable.  Be sure to check out her entire line at Michaels or online.
  2. Ecotools – Hairbrush.  So, I don’t know about you, but I have been using the same hairbrush for…geez I’m embarrassed to even think about how long I’ve had it.  But it’s a round brush (1-2″) and I use it to just brush my hair.  I felt I really needed a better brush and one that was meant to get out the tangles and such.  I just randomly saw this one in CVS and scooped it up.  It’s so lightweight and I just really love it.  I wasn’t even aware of the Ecotools brand but after reviewing their website (and maybe you could tell from the name) it’s clear that they offer eco-friendly products.  I also snagged a travel set of make-up brushes and love them just as much! 
  3. L’oreal Paris – Infallible Pro-matte Foundation.  This one I actually saw on a YouTube video by Carly Cristman.  However, she was recommending the Lumi foundation and when I went to look for it I saw they had a Pro-matte option.  I have been looking for a matte product that was quick and easy to apply.  This one is awesome and feels so lightweight on the skin!  I’m definitely going to give the lumi a try but I’m pretty sure Pro-matte will be my go-to. 
  4. Pacidose – Man I wish I had this one when I was a first time mom.  Administering medicine to an infant is so tough!  You feel so bad for them and just want them to feel better.  They don’t understand why you’re trying to force some weird liquid down their throats.  It’s just torture for everyone.  Well, NOT anymore!  This is a pacifier tip that goes on the standard syringe that you use to administer medication.  I have had mine for over a year, but was using this a lot this month as my 1 year old was sick.  Now I will say that at 1 he’s starting to not want to take it, but up until now, he NEVER gave me trouble at taking medicine.  And keep in mind that he’s also NEVER taken a pacifier.  But somehow he was okay with taking this.  And I’m telling you…it makes the process of giving medicine to your child so much more calm and peaceful!  After a year of use the writing of measurements on the side of the syringe (I don’t know what you’re supposed to call it, but hopefully you know what I mean) is starting to wear off.  But it really doesn’t matter because all medications including the ones you have filled by a prescription come with these and you can put the pacifier part on any of them.  Be sure to get one for a new mom in your life!
  5. Reese’s Stuffed with Pieces Big Cup  – Okay, okay…I don’t know when these came out.  I know they’ve been out since before Christmas because that’s when I had my first one.  Unintentionally…my husband stopped and grabbed a snack for us from the gas station and didn’t realize he grabbed this “stuffed” Reese’s cup.  Oh so good!  But somehow, this month I’ve been finding them EVERYWHERE.  But it has to be the BIG CUP.  In my opinion the regular size cups don’t have enough ratio.  You can hardly tell they are stuffed with anything.  But the BIG CUP…oh, it’s perfection!  So go ahead, and try it.  At least once!  If you’re a peanut butter cup fan…or a peanut butter and chocolate fan, you will not be disappointed!  

So that’s it for my January favorites.  I hope you enjoyed reading about them.  Be sure to share with me what some of your favorites for the month have been!  Or if you agree with some of my favorites, I’d love to hear about that too!

Here’s my coordinating YouTube video:  https://youtu.be/4D8h9dACfJ0

* This is not a sponsored post; however, this post does contain affiliate links.  All opinions are genuinely my own. If you purchase an item through one of the links I may receive a portion of that sale.  This does not affect the price you pay.  Thank you for supporting me and this blog. *

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