#2017MonthlyResolutions Week 3 CheckIn

Happy Monday Morning to you!  Have you been working on any resolutions this month?  Have you considered what your resolutions would be for future months?


I wanted to write a quick post about mine so far.  For the month of January it has been to

Go to Bed and Wake Early!

For the first week I did really well.

For the 2nd week (Last week) I struggled!  I struggled for various reasons.

  1. I’ve got some work deadlines approaching which has caused me to work late (after the kids go to bed) because that’s about the only time I can work.
  2. Even when I finally did go to bed, I found myself facing insomnia
  3. I’ve been battling congestion and a crazy cough which really has prevented me from using my CPAP machine and in turn is preventing me from getting a good night’s sleep.

In the past at this point on a journey I would probably just say, okay it’s not working.  I’m too busy right now to do this.  I’ll just have to try this again at a later time (ambiguous -whenever I get around to it- time).


But I know that this is not the way to make any sort of habit change!  So instead, I’m choosing to press on!  This is a new week and I will continue to focus on getting in bed at said bedtime (10pm) and waking when necessary…for this week that’s around 5:45am.


I really want to encourage you today.

Do not Give Up!

You can do this.  Whatever your goals are for the month.  YOU CAN DO IT!

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