2017 Monthly Resolutions – Will it work?

Hello everyone! Oh my goodness…It’s 2017! I can’t believe this has already happened. Things happened in our lives last year that we were totally not expecting. Namely – selling our home and buying a new one! So the last half of 2016 is almost a blur with all of that along with 1st Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and The New Year! Phew…I am worn out.


And that means that I am SOOO ready for 2017 and mostly just for things to calm down and bit and get back to normal. We haven’t found our groove yet in the new home with all the things happening. I mean I think we’ve spent only a handful of weekends just chillin’ in our house. We’ve always had somewhere to go and be. And even the evenings in our home have been random as we’ve dealt with cable/internet issues, Christmas decorating, unpacking, etc. So, I’m just ready to CHILL.


However, I couldn’t let the New Year come without some thinking of Resolutions. I wouldn’t say I’m huge on Resolutions. I usually try not to set the bar too high so that I can’t fail. However, last year I had a main motto “Simplify and Organize” and it really worked. I enjoyed having a single Resolution for the year. Since moving, I’ve had all kinds of little things (like habits) that I’ve thought about changing, but I haven’t really put forth the effort to do so.


Enter my idea of Monthly Resolutions! #2017MonthlyResolutions


I invite you to join me on this journey. I know they say not to have too many resolutions because most people just fail at them. But I thought if we really lay out a plan that makes sense, then maybe it could work. So that means, focusing on 1 single resolution per month (something fairly small and doable within a month).


So if you’d like to see what mine are, then I invite you to watch the YouTube video where I talk about them in more detail. And most importantly, PLEASE join me! I’ll be using #2017MonthlyResolutions across all my social media. Please use it as well so I can see what you’re working on for 2017!


And good luck! May this year be your best year yet!

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