Checking In

Hi Friends,

I feel like I owe you all a quick check-in!  I did not mean to disappear for an entire month, but hey…sometimes Life Happens!


So the reason for the lack up hobbies/posts/updates, etc. is because we decided to sell our home!  And things got busy and started happening way faster than we anticipated.  Basically, once we decided to sell we started prepping our house (nothing major, but decluttering and whatnot).  Then the day after we listed for sale some people came to see it and made an offer!  We spent the weekend in negotiations with them (while we were on vacation by the way…).  But we came to terms and are now officially under contract.  I can’t believe how fast that happened!


And now we are quickly looking for our next home!  We had already looked at several new homes and had a pretty good idea of where we wanted to be and what type of home we wanted.  So we spent a full day looking and basically have it narrowed down to two options.  We are about to start making an offer on our top choice.  It is likely that we will be out of our home and into a new one by the end of October!


With all that said, it could very well be during the holidays or if I’m being honest, after the new year before I get back into a regular routine of blogging.  I’m not saying that I definitely will not post anything between now and then, but I just know how things are for us when we’re trying to move and clean, etc.  But, the cool thing is I’m super excited about potential updates to the new home.  It doesn’t NEED updates, it is move-in ready.  But there are things that I would like to change to make it feel more like us (mainly paint colors).  So I will be trying to share details on that as we know.


But first things first….let’s get that home!  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we go through this process.  It’s exciting and nerve racking all at the same time!  I just can’t wait to be settled and get back into a normal flow of life.

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