Paint with Me – Front Door

Paint with Me – Front Door

Hi Friends,


Finally…whew!  Here’s my new front door.  What do you think?


First up – I did ask you all for your opinion when choosing paint colors.  And I want to be honest with you.  I did not choose the one you all picked!  I was truly interested in your opinion and I’m not surprised by what you chose (Option C which to me looks quite Navy in this picture).  But in person it was actually like a bright blue – hard for me to explain, but it really didn’t feel right.  So I don’t think the picture here is doing it justice.  If it helps, the color of the swatch was “Dress Blues” from Sherwin Williams.  The few people that were able to see it in person agreed that it was a little too much blue.



So I went with my gut and my original choice which was the Denim Color (option E) from Sherwin Williams.  And I am so very pleased!  #1 – anything would have looked better than what was there.  But #2 – I just truly adore this color!  It’s exactly the color I was imagining when I started looking at blue front doors.


Now this blog post is not going to be a how-to on painting your front door.  I just wanted to share that I finally did it!  And I did it..all by myself!  Haha.  I love doing home improvement projects and I love the satisfaction you get from accomplishing something especially if it’s improving how something looks or reusing/recycling old materials into something beautiful.  But I just haven’t had time or felt like I had the time to do anything like that since becoming a mom 3 years ago.  So this was very exciting and good for me to finally be able to do a project like this.


I will link below the blog post that I used as basically a guideline for how to paint it and I felt it came out very well.   In addition to that, I have been playing around with making some YouTube videos.  And, I actually made a video of me painting our door.  So if you’re interested in that, the link is below.


I did this front door project in 1 day.  And honestly about 1/2 the day because I didn’t get started until close to lunchtime and finished up around 5-6pm.  I hope this encourages you to do some small home improvement projects around your home.  Leave a comment below if you’re considering something simple like this!

Materials and resources used:

Blog Post for how to paint:

Paint – Sherwin Williams Exterior Denim Color from Lowe’s

Sandpaper and Electric Sander (already had on hand, but certainly came from Lowe’s)

Paintbrush – I’m not 100% sure what brand, but it was a 1.5″ brush

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