Week 5: Komono – Bathroom Results!

Week 5: Komono – Bathroom Results!

I spent about a week and a half actually working on my master bathroom and the 2nd bathroom in our home.  Again – I like to mention that my storage/organization solutions may not be the final product, but I had to make do with what I had on hand.  I don’t want to spend a lot of money on organization solutions that may or may not work for me.  So my strategy is to use things I already have on hand OR purchase Dollar Tree storage bins to use.  $1 a piece…you really can’t beat that!


The thing I loved most about decluttering the bathroom was that I had a crazy amount of beauty products that I couldn’t get to because of the lack of organization (thanks to my BirchBox monthly subscription for the past 3 years!).  So it has been such a great feeling to finally get everything organized and now I’m really enjoying actually using some of these products that have built up over time.  AND, I’ve decided to cancel my BirchBox subscription for the time being.  Just until I start to run low on product and then I might pick it back up for a while.  I LOVE getting the products, but I hate having them pile up on me.


And here’s the process:


Step 1: I pulled EVERYTHING out (it really makes a difference to just pull it ALL out).



Step 2: Put it on the floor & begin to sort: Trash, Donate, or Keep (and I went ahead and sorted my Keep into categories like Hair Products, Facial Cleaning products, make-up, etc).




Step 3: Put products back – utilize organization that you already have.  As you can see, I put in some Dollar Tree bins that I had.  I decided to sort by type of product.  The red bin with handles gets used the most.  I actually pull it out and set it on the counter and it contains my facial cleanser, CC creams, eye creams, toner, etc.  All the things that I use on a daily (morning & night) basis.  Then I have one with all my hair products in it (I usually just reach in and grab what I need), but could also pull it out if I wanted.  In the back I have a bin full of empty cosmetic bags that will end up being used when traveling.  And then I have a bin with lotions, tan lotions, aloe lotion for sunburns, etc.


In the bottom drawer I have my nail kit (green box) – if I ever do my nails, everything is in that container and I can just pull it out and get to work.  I also have my hair styling tools (hair dryer, straightener, etc) – these things hardly get used right now because I mostly let my hair air dry.  I do think I would like to have a shelf or something to better utilize the space under the sink.  I could have another level of storage under there.  But for now, this works and I’m enjoying it.


My makeup is right on the wall beside my sink using my Magnetic Makeup Board.  So far this is still working out well for me, but I will admit that maintaining the magnets on the back of my products has been a bit painful.  For the most part they seem to stay but there are always a few that tend to fall off and I end up being lazy and not getting them glued back on.  The only way this is successful is if I can keep the magnets on and the products on the board.


I’m really enjoying keeping the counter clean and pretty!


Oh and I almost forgot – I also worked on the 2nd bathroom but only grabbed pictures of the closet (it needed the most work anyway).  So here’s how that looks.  Again, using $1 store bins and label maker to add labels to the bins.  Now it’s so easy to just pull out a bin, get what I need and put it back.


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