Week 5: Komono – Bathroom

Week 5: Komono – Bathroom

Next up for the Komono section is the Master Bathroom.  Specifically – the cabinet under my sink.


This cabinet holds all my extra makeup, manicure supplies, shampoo, toothpaste…basically everything.  At one point I had it pretty well organized, but now it’s to the point of not having room to put anything new and I couldn’t tell you what’s in there.  Here’s a current picture…




And the drawer below…MasterSinkDrawerBefore


I hope to go through everything in the bathroom, including some things that are just left over and need to be tossed (a broken diaper genie pail from when Ian was born…just been sitting there for 2 years!).  But I don’t anticipate doing anything with Bradley’s cabinet.


At a minimum I want to get through my bathroom in 1 week.  But if at all possible I will do our 2nd bathroom as well.  The cabinets in this bathroom are so underutilized, I need to get it under control!  It’s mainly for Ian and our guests.


I’m starting to think that some of my dollar store bins could be very useful in both bathrooms! 🙂  Have you checked out the Dollar Tree yet?

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