Week 4: Komono – Kitchen Results!

Week 4: Komono – Kitchen Results!

I did it!! ¬†This post it a little delayed but I really did get the entire kitchen decluttered in 1 week ūüôā ¬†Woot woot, go me! ¬†I basically tackled a different cabinet/drawer each day and had a pile of things on the counter for donation at the end of each day. ¬†And I’ve actually already given away the donation items! ¬†So this is a good feeling.


I’m still working on the actual organization of the kitchen. ¬†There are some storage solutions that I’m still trying to figure out. ¬†But that’s okay. ¬†The organization can come later. ¬†I’ll try to do another full review (maybe a video) once I finally have it all together. ¬†But until then, here are the before and after pics!

  1. Dishes, some bakeware, and storage/lunch containers.  Notice I added more of the wire shelving (Walmart) and it really helps to where I can just get something out and put it right back without having to stack and play a delicate game of Jenga with my glassware!KitchenLeftUpperBaA
  2. Above the stove/microwave – this is high cabinet so it can be difficult to reach. ¬†The vertical storage for my pans is nothing new but perfect for up top because all you have to do is reach the bottom of the pan and pull it right down. ¬†Easy peasy! ¬†The right side of this cabinet has always been a pain. ¬†I like to keep our baking oils/spices/etc. up there. ¬†This current solution is not necessarily a permanent solution but it’s doing the trick. ¬†I can easily pull down either of those plastic bins, get what I need, and put it back up. ¬†Note: the spinning spice rack is currently on the counter beside the stove, but I’m not sure how long it will last. ¬†Spices and toddlers do not mix ūüėČ ¬†(we almost had cinnamon in our taco meat the other night).KitchenAboveStoveBaA
  3. Glasses/cups/…coffee!¬† This cabinet previously housed all of our glasses & cups. ¬†Geez, we had SOO many cups & glasses! ¬†I added some more wire racks to help with storing the glasses. ¬†And instead of stacking the glasses (always a pain when you want to get one out), I purged many of those and kept only 12 that fit perfectly on the bottom. ¬†Our coffee maker is right below this cabinet on the counter and I was tired of all the coffee stuff hanging out on the counter. ¬†Therefore, this cabinet now holds all of that as well! ¬†(see I’m doing what I said…keeping the food off the counters!).KitchenUpperRightCabinetBaA
  4. Pots & Pans! ¬†This is basically my favorite spot in the kitchen now ūüôā ¬†It was a nightmare constantly having to stack my pots and pans. ¬†Now every pot has it’s very own home and it’s always empty and ready for it when it’s time to put it away. ¬†Easy to get in and out! ¬†This is a Rev A Shelf product that I got from Lowe’s. ¬†We actually got it a LONG time ago, so I was happy to finally get it installed!KitchenPotPanBaA
  5. Pantry/Food cabinet. ¬†This is across the kitchen from the other cabinets. ¬†Unfortunately our house does not have an actual pantry. ¬†So I have to make my cabinets work. ¬†Note: the worst thing about this is the cabinet not being tall enough for certain things. ¬†Even the can rack that you see wouldn’t fit anywhere but the top shelf! ¬†Now, don’t laugh people. ¬†I realize this Before and After picture isn’t much different and the after might even look worse! ¬†Haha. ¬†But that’s because the Before was with a lot of food still on the counter and the After now has food in the cabinets! ¬†Since taking these pictures I’ve actually added some baskets for storage which I think might be the ticket! ¬†It’s easy to pull out and put back up. ¬†It’s quick to rearrange as items in the cabinet change. ¬†And it looks pretty. ¬†FYI – Dollar Tree might be my new favorite store. ¬†If you haven’t checked out their storage section for bins, you should! ¬†I’ve already missed their spring colors, but I plan to jump on that next year to try and get the really pretty teal color that they have!KitchenPantryCabinetBaA
  6. Odds & Ends & Silverware.¬†The silverware didn’t change at all. ¬†The odds & ends, I just threw out a bunch of stuff and tidied it up a bit. ¬†Not sure why I’m even including this picture except that I spent time labeling it as before and after before I really paid attention to how it looked ūüėČKitchenLeftSideDrawersBaA
  7. Appliance cabinet – again, not really sure why I’m showing this. ¬†But you can see some extra space now. ¬†So I have room to add down here since my other areas are still a bit cramped. ¬†This is another Rev a Shelf system from Lowe’s. ¬†I love having my toaster, blender, mixer, etc down here where it’s easy to pull out and put up on the counter when I need to use it.KitchenLeftLowerCabinetBaA

A few cabinets were not pictured.  They house other things like mixing bowls, pizza stones, baking supplies, medicine, etc.  These cabinets are purged though!


Full disclosure – I did not purge under the kitchen sink…or our “junk drawer”.

KitchenAboveStoveBaAKitchenLeftSideDrawersBaA KitchenLeftUpperBaA

KitchenPotPanBaA KitchenUpperRightCabinetBaASo now I need your¬†help! ¬†What do I do with this weird corner cabinet? ¬†It’s such an odd shape I don’t know that I can put a Rev a Shelf system in it. ¬†I’m all about the pull out storage. ¬†Does anyone have ideas or storage solutions that I should consider? ¬†Leave me a comment below!




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