Week 3 Paper Results (Part 2) & Decluttering Plan Update

This is difficult for me to write because I’ve had such good momentum on this decluttering plan.  However, this is supposed to be my Paper Purge (part 2) results, which should mean that I’m telling/showing you how FINISHED I am…  that’s not going to happen.


Here’s the deal…our home is 1-story with a bonus room above the garage.  The bonus room is the office which includes the filing cabinets and bulk of our paper clutter.  The house itself (downstairs) where I really spend all my time now that I’m not really working is where having paper clutter really bothers me.  So at this point, I have cleared out all the downstairs paper clutter.  And I feel like since going through this process I have a better handle on how to deal with paper going forward.

  1. Sort and Shred/Recycle mail as soon as it comes in.
  2. Sort mail into 3 categories:
    1. Needs Attention Immediately
    2. Needs to be kept forever
    3. Needs to be kept for limited time
  3. Cards/Personal Letters – this falls into the sentimental category but I plan to find a way to keep certain things in this category.  I’m still figuring it out, but some kind of folder/binder/or filing process for these.

The bonus room itself needs a full decluttering session which I need to do when I’m completely alone because I can’t have Ian up there (too many things for him to get into that he shouldn’t).  And I also need my husband because a lot of things up there require his input.  So we will conquer that and the rest of the paper that’s up there in time!  But for now I want to move on to more important things, things that are causing daily stress.  Side note: I also got sick this week which has really hindered any chance of decluttering!


Decluttering Plan Update

I’ve been through the first 3 areas of the Konmari method 1- Clothing, 2- Books, 3- Papers.  At this point we dive into the Komono category (which is basically all of the other areas in your home) and Marie Kondo does specify an order to approach this category which starts with CDs, DVDs.


Up to this point I’ve been pleased with following her order and my progress.  However, just in the past week I have really felt the stress building up in that I feel like I’m never going to get to tackle the areas that are really important to me.  The areas that cause me the most stress every day are 1- Kitchen and 2- Bathroom/Bedroom.


Clearly these are areas of the home that I occupy every single day.  I need these areas to be organized and functioning well.  I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t complain because there’s no counter space available in our kitchen (be aware that our kitchen is small, but still – I need to get this area cleaned up and organized so that I can actually use the limited amount of counter space that is there).


Same goes for the bathroom when I go to get something in the cabinet under my sink only to realize that I have to dig through a ton of things.  Usually it ends up in me just saying “Forget it!” and moving on without said item.  The bedroom in general is just bothersome because I want it to feel relaxing, clean, & organized.  And to this point it has been one of those areas of the home where we toss things when doing a quick cleanup.


Note: a lot of this clutter and disorganization has gotten worse since our 2nd son was born.  For very good reasons, our focus was on other things than keeping our home perfectly clean & organized.  But now that the newborn stage has settled, I have got to get this under control or else I’m going to go crazy!  (And my husband would probably add…”oh that ship has sailed”) 😉


So all of this to say that I’m going to continue the Konmari method in terms of pulling all items out, sorting through them and choosing what sparks joy.  But I’m going to choose my own order now that we’re in the Komono section.  CDs, DVDs, are of no issue to me at this point.  They don’t cause stress and they’re not even taking up valuable real estate.  I’m going to start with the Kitchen, then Bathroom, then Bedroom.  After that I will decide what to tackle next.


How’s your decluttering journey going?  Have you tried the Konmari method?

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  • Hey! I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration reading your decluttering posts have been to me= especially the first one you wrote about paper because I didn’t realize how much paper i have either- I actually went through our hall closet (it is the catch all) a rolly stool that opens, and got tons of random paper cleaned out! I usually try to just figure out what is the most of a mess and bugging me and start there too – but then sometimes there are things I never get to! I wish I could have a sure fire way to get through it all .. my closet in the guest room is THE WORST