Week 3: Paper Results (part 1)

Week 3: Paper Results (part 1)

Whelp…as expected, I am not even CLOSE to being finished with the papers this week.  So this is a quick Part 1 update to my status so far.  And I’ll admit, it’s not just that it’s a lot of papers to go through, but I wasn’t as dedicated to getting it done this week as I was with the items in the other weeks.  I also had some other stuff I needed to focus on which limited the amount of time I was able to work on this.  With all that said, I’m still pleased with my results so far.


What does the BEFORE look like?  Well, it’s not just one spot.  There are piles of papers here and there and everywhere!  So here’s a few pictures just to give you an idea of what I’m working with.

20160129-IMG_7504 20160129-IMG_7505 20160129-IMG_7506 20160129-IMG_7500 20160129-IMG_7501

What I’ve found to enjoy about this, is I can grab a stack of papers and knock it out pretty quickly.  I feel like I’ve been on a paper hunt this week.  Every time I go into a room my eyes are just scanning for any piles of paper and if found, I’ll quickly deal with it.


So that’s just general “paper clutter”.  Outside of that, these are the major areas I’m trying to work through:

  1. SAFE – We have a fireproof safe that keeps our important, must hang onto forever documents (think Marriage License, etc).  While there might not be anything to get rid of in this box, it is completely disorganized.  And silly me, I just realized that it actually is designed to hold hanging file folders!  So I will be getting this organized asap.
  2. Filebox – I found a filebox stashed upstairs (upstairs is our “stash” room, meaning: stuff it in the bonus room quick, people are coming over!).  I went through this box already and found years of tax returns, bank statements, paystubs, from highschool-college years!  HA!  That was a fun shredding session.
  3. File Cabinet – we do have a serious file cabinet upstairs that I previously was attempting to be “organized” with.  I’m curious how much of this paperwork I will now deem unnecessary.  Either way, I will clean it up and make sure it’s only holding the most important things.  20160204-IMG_7596
  4. More paper piles – there are still piles of papers and manuals in our bonus room.  I’m sure much of it is trash, but I’ve just got to find time to get through it.  I do know that there are a lot of greeting cards, birthday cards, thank you notes, etc. in some of these piles.  Some of that falls into the sentimental category which we are not supposed to worry about just yet.  So I might be grabbing those and stashing them somewhere to be reviewed again at a later date.
  5. Paper Organizer in the Kitchen – I actually purchased an organizer to hang in our kitchen to help with the paper clutter (and honestly it is working and all this other paper is stuff that’s just been forgotten about upstairs).  But, I still need to go through this and make sure it’s cleaned out.  The key is to keep the paper moving (once it’s dealt with it needs to be shredded or filed properly). 20160204-IMG_7597


So this paper decluttering will continue for this week.  I’m going to try my best to get it wrapped up!

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