Week 2: Book Purge Results

Week 2: Book Purge Results

Like I thought, this went quickly and was fairly easy.  It took 1 hour.  The most difficult part was my toddler helping and tossing the books about and rearranging my piles.


I did get my husband to help and go through his books as well.


*This before picture is not ALL of the books.  I had to get books from various places throughout the house but didn’t photograph it all.  However the after picture is basically all of our books that are left.  We have a few upstairs in our office and my husband has some by his bed to read.  So we made great progress!

The most difficult part I’m facing is how to actually get rid of the ones I’m trying to get rid of.  It seems like a waste to toss/recycle them.  But some are old out of date professional books (Microsoft Project 2000) and even the Amazon Trade-In option is not accepting that book.  I guess I’ll just donate to Goodwill and they can do whatever it is that they do with them.


Things to note:

  1. We had a LOT of magazines – even some from 2013!  I got rid of everything except the current month.  It is my plan to immediately replace the old month with the new month when it comes.  If the old one didn’t get read – oh well!  I’m not going to collect these anymore (this goes for my husbands magazine subscriptions as well).  Note: we’re not even sure where some of these subscriptions came from.  When you sign up sometimes it’s at least a 2 year or more subscription, so they just keep coming!  I don’t mind getting them, as long as we keep it under control.  
  2. I have some pregnancy and newborn books that I’m going to try donating to our local Pregnancy Resource Center.
  3. The rest are going to be donated to the local library.
  4. I have never been a huge reader, but I do have a handful of fiction books.  Part of me struggles to get rid of these (since my collection is so small) but the realist in me knows I will never read them again, so I should just let go.  Right now, I have them on my keep shelf.  But, I have already asked around to see if anyone wants them, and if so, then I’m willing to let go of them.  My mom, mother-in-law, and Grandmother are mostly going to benefit from these.
  5. Loaned book – I found a book that I’ve been attempting to read for several years (isn’t that sad?)!  Haha – I borrowed it from a friend, but apparently things kept stopping me from reading it.  I’m so close to the end I really want to finish before I give it back.  So I’m trying to focus on that for the next month.


Next up is…PAPER!  This one is scary.  I’m excited to get it cleared out, but it’s going to be so overwhelming I’m afraid.


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