Welcome Baby Boy #2

Welcome Baby Boy #2

2nd Child Syndrome…in case you didn’t know, it really is a thing…and this post is proof!  Pssst…I had another baby on 11/16/15; he is 2 months old and I’m just now getting a chance to write about him.  That, and the 2 pictures I’ve snagged (1st month and 2nd month) compared to his brother’s 50+ pictures per month in our home “photo sessions”, is proof of 2nd child syndrome.


Sometimes I hate it and feel bad for not being able to do as much as we did for Ian.  But then I realize that I’m living life more in the moment now and not spending so much time trying to capture everything in photos/journals/etc.  It just means I’m busy and blessed with 2 amazing little boys in my life.


Austin Bradley Williams was born on a Monday morning (11/16/15) during a planned cesarean delivery at Iredell Memorial Hospital.  It was planned due to many factors, but mainly the fact that he was tracking to be a large baby (and my previous birth was over 10lbs) and because I had gestational diabetes and pre-existing hypertension.  My first was born in this same manner (planned cesarean) so I do not know anything different.  My experience the first time was as “perfect” as can be imagined when it’s not the ideal delivery.  So my biggest fear this time was something preventing it from being AS perfect as the first.


The biggest thing I love and appreciated was the ability to keep my son with me in the OR throughout the entire surgery.  I was very clear about wanting him to stay in there after the surgery while they were finishing up.  They were willing to do that as long as things were going well with me, and since they were I was able to get my wish.  As soon as he was delivered, Bradley was able to go over and get him and bring him to me.  He sat with us the entire time (minus a few moments to be weighed).  He came in at 9lbs 9oz!  So, not quite as big as his brother, but he was also delivered in the 39th week instead of 40 weeks.  He was 20 inches long and born at 8:26am.  *Updated stats: at his 2 month appointment he weighed 12lbs 5.5oz and 24 inches long!


After they were finished with my surgery I was able to hold him while they pushed me back to my room.  For the 1 hour of recovery time, he was in the room with me and received his bath.  It’s honestly all a little bit of a blur at this point but the important part is he was in the room the entire time.  And unlike with Ian, he was in our room the entire stay this time.  I did let Ian go back to the nursery a few times in order to get some sleep but not this time.  I’ll probably write a 2nd post about why I didn’t have any visitors (well limited to short amount of time for grandparents only).  But, there were many differences between my experience having Ian and this experience with Austin and most of it was around my desire to be successful at breastfeeding.  This time I was much more successful and I think all the changes I made as part of his delivery made a huge difference.  You live, you learn!


That evening around 4:00-6:00pm we had visitors but they only stayed for about 30 minutes each.  Big brother Ian got to come and say “Hi Baby”.  He kept saying it over and over with the sweetest little grin as he looked at his new baby brother.  And he still calls him “baby” and says “Hi Baby” even after 2 months.  He LOVES his baby brother Austin (Awe-nun).  He can’t quite get the “st” sound just yet.  Visitors were just grandparents (my mom and dad) and Bradley’s mom and dad and Jason.


Our lives now consist of taking Ian to preschool (super fun getting Austin in and out of the car for just a short trip to drop Ian off – I actually have to walk Ian into the classroom so Austin has to come in for that too), breastfeeding on demand, and just general playing/working around the house.  There have been a handful of times that I’ve gotten them both down for naps at the same time (Austin is just now at 2 months old taking 2 decently long naps during the day), but many times I’m constantly moving from one child’s needs to the next.  Ian is content so let’s deal with Austin, Austin is content so let’s work with Ian, and vice versa.  It’s fun and I think I’m much more aware of how quickly it goes so while with Ian I struggled and had some super frustrating moments, I am definitely more laid back and chill this time around.  I’m just taking it as it comes and it’s all just as good as can be expected right now.


We are now a family of four and I’m surrounded by the best boys in the world, especially Bradley who is (and always has been) the most supportive & loving husband!  I am officially a “boy mom”…and I just ordered this shirt to commemorate the moment.  I can’t wait to get it!

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