Week 2: Books

Week 2:  Books

I feel like this one should go quickly. We honestly don’t have that many books. Note: I am excluding children’s books here. I will revisit children’s stuff later after the rest of my home is clutter free.


I was never a huge reader and when I really started reading I preferred to use my kindle. How lovely to have digital copies of books and not have them cluttering my home!


Here is the list from the checklist to ensure you review all types of books that might be in your home:


  1. General (pleasure reading)
  2. Cookbooks
  3. Phonebooks
  4. Visual (Photo-type books)
  5. Magazines
  6. Reference Books (Dictionaries, etc.)
  7. Children’s Fiction – excluding at this point
  8. Children’s School/Non-Fiction Books – excluding at this point


Gather them all up and put them in the floor.  Then start to go through them one by one.  If it sparks joy – keep it!  If not, donate!


Just because I’m choosing to exclude children’s books, doesn’t mean that you have to! By all means go for it. And if you truly want to follow the Konmari method you would! But I need to go in baby steps here.


I’m going to try to include my husband’s books in here. Since we don’t have that many anyway, I feel like this would be a good opportunity to go ahead and go through them. Some of his will be obvious for getting rid of. But others I will leave out and encourage him to go through them.


Will this one be difficult for you? Or are you like me and don’t have that many books? Who has a phonebook anymore anyway?

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