Week 1: Clothing Results

Week 1: Clothing Results

6 hours later…


Here are the results of my clothing purge.  I was actually able to do a big portion of my clothing all in one go (took 6 hours total) because my dad was able to watch my son, the toddler.  That left me at home with the baby (who luckily slept the entire afternoon) while I knocked this out.


I was able to do all of the following categories in 6 hours.  This includes pulling out all the clothes (I ended up using the living room floor), folding clothes along the way – even the ones to be donated, and putting all of the clothes I was keeping back in the closet and dresser.


  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Dresses
  • Outerwear
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Gym/Swim
  • Costumes/Events


I had a total of 4 kitchen sized trash bags for donation and 1 trash bag for trash.



  1. It’s really eye opening to see ALL of your clothes on the floor.  I didn’t grasp how much clothing I really had until I was looking at it all in one spot.  Plus, since it was on my living room floor I was motivated to get it cleaned up and out of the house or back into the closet!
  2. Many clothes were from BEFORE my first son was born.  That was 2 1/2 years ago and those items haven’t been worn since.  Easy to let go of these!
  3. My lifestyle has changed, but my wardrobe has not.  I still have a lot of business clothes and not a lot of casual (stay at home mom) type clothes.
  4. I collect swim suits – I know I buy 2 or 3 each year and apparently I hold onto them FOREVER…not any more!
  5. I also collect pajamas – I LOVE some good comfy/cute pajamas.  I actually kept a lot of these and there were some I had not seen in a while because they were stored in the bottom of my drawer.  I’m excited to wear them again!
  6. You could tell which clothes (from the dresser) had not been worn in a while because they were all wrinkled up after having a stack of other clothes piled on top.  I resolved this by storing my clothing vertically (like books on a bookshelf).
  7. I have GOT to start implementing the “one in – one out” rule.  Now that things are organized, I’ve got to keep it that way!
  8. The clothes on hangers really did look “happier” when I folded them instead – read the book, you’ll see what I’m talking about.
  9. Most items were easy to just say goodbye to and toss.  I only had one item that sort of got me and as weird as it may sound I actually talked to it and thanked it for serving me so well.  It happened to be the shirt I wore when I brought Ian home from the hospital.  Other than being the shirt I wore home from the hospital, I wasn’t really in love with the shirt.
  10. I’m not 100% sure about the way I’ve put some clothing back in my closet.  I wanted to try folding more of my shirts (instead of hanging), so this means that I had to find a place to put them.  I ended up putting them in those plastic storage bins, but I’m just not a huge fan (they don’t seem like the right size of drawer for the clothes).  However, this is not the time to worry about that or go out and buy new storage solutions.  I need to finish the entire decluttering process first because it may open up some areas of storage that I didn’t think about.


Okay – now for the fun stuff.  Here are the Before and After pictures of the process.  All of my clothes are either hanging in the closet, in plastic storage drawers (also in the closet) or in our dresser in the bedroom.  For the dresser, the left 3 drawers are mine and the top middle drawer.  The middle middle and bottom middle drawers are shared with my husband.  I don’t have it pictured very well, but my dresses are hanging off to the right in the closet.  Our closet does NOT have a place to hang long dresses, isn’t that crazy?  I am very annoyed by this and one of my honey-dos / wish list for our home is to re-do our closet.  I can’t believe they didn’t include a space for long items.ClosetBaA


Ignore all the clutter around my side of the closet.  Just focus on the hanging clothes (notice space between the hangers now!) and the 3 plastic bins below.  Also note that I had clothes stashed on that shelf below my hanging clothes.  I never could tell what was back there because it was always hidden by the hanging clothes, what a pain!  No more clothes are there now.

The only clothes not included in this purge were clothes in the hamper.  Obviously since they were in the hamper then I have worn them recently and will most likely keep them.  Over the next few days when I washed clothes, I sorted through them as I folded them to make sure they should be kept.  If I went to put something in a drawer that was already full, I seriously considered more items to remove in order to make room for these that I was certain I wanted to keep.

DresserBaAYou can see there is some empty space here – room for more clothes!  Ha! J/K…well until spring time anyway.


After this big day of purging I still had the following categories left:

  • Bags/Purses
  • Accessories/Belts/Hats
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes


I tackled these in random moments over the next few days.

  1. Shoes – this could have been done in 1 hour but I was doing it while my son was home so I had to do it in chunks while he was preoccupied.  I was able to let go of 14 pairs of shoes (1o for donations, 4 to sell). Note: I realize this before and after doesn’t look very obvious, but trust me there was a lot here that I wasn’t using.  And the shoes I was wearing never made it back into these shoe boxes (a previous failed attempt of mine at decluttering years ago).  Now every shoe I wear is in the box unless it doesn’t fit.  When I take a pair out, I put it back.  I don’t like my shoes in this area and am already considering options for moving these when the time comes.  I think it will help me see what shoes I have and wear them more often.  I’m also going to label my shoe boxes so it makes me easier when looking for brown vs. black shoes.
  2. Jewelry – again this could have been done in less than 1 hour total, but took me longer as I worked around my kids schedule.  I threw out a lot of broken jewelry.  I had a gallon size zip-lock bag of jewelry to donate.  And my jewelry armoire looks so much better!  I can actually see all my jewelry and now I have room for new stuff.  *ahem* isn’t there something called “Valentine’s Day” approaching? *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
  3. Bags/Purses/Accessories/Belts/Hats – all done together (again in less than 1 hour) because I don’t have that many of these items.  I’m low maintenance so having a lot of accessories is not something I’m into – and quite honestly most of what I do have was a gift!  And that’s a perfect gift because it’s not something I would necessarily go out and buy for myself.


So overall I’m feeling really good about this clothing purge and I’m super excited to jump into the next task: Books!


I would like to note that while Mari Kondo recommends making sure you get EVERYTHING in a single category at one time, I do think there will be times in this process that this won’t happen.  For example, there may be boxes of things I’ve “stored” away and have no idea that it contains some books.  It would take me too much time to attempt to find all the possible books that it’s not worth it.  I’m looking for quick results so I can move on to the rest of the process without frustration.  So I will get the books I know of and go through them.  Then as I approach other categories if I happen to find a book, I will deal with it right away – either keep and store (in the single spot where I’m storing books now) or toss/give away.


Did you tackle your clothing this week?  How did it go?  Leave a comment below!


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