Week 1: Clothing

Week 1: Clothing

I’m calling this Week 1 but I’m actually setting aside two weeks for clothing because I honestly don’t know how this is going to go with two children under 2 at home. I would love to be able to sit and go through every piece of clothing in one day, but frankly that’s just not going to happen. I’ll be lucky to simply get all my clothes pulled out without interruption.


So while this may not be the exact way to perform the Konmari method, I think it will work for me. And I want to make sure to give each item my undivided attention so that I can truly determine if it sparks joy. If children distract me then I’m likely to hang on to things I don’t really need.


I will be going through my clothing in stages using the sub-categories as defined below:


  1. Tops
  2. Bottoms
  3. Dresses
  4. Outerwear
  5. Socks
  6. Underwear
  7. Bags/Purses
  8. Accessories/Belts/Hats
  9. Jewelry
  10. Gym/Swim
  11. Costumes/Events
  12. Shoes


I will admit that my biggest fear when it comes to de-cluttering these clothes is the fact that I’m at this weird post-partum, not back to the weight I want to be, stage. I know there will be items that spark joy but that I cannot wear because they do not fit.  *sigh* what to do, what to do?


Normally I would say, just get rid of it because when you finally get down to that size you will probably want to treat yourself with a shopping trip anyway. But in this instance I know that I have a handful of nice jeans (rarely worn) that are just one size smaller than I am right now so I will hang on to those so that I have them when the time comes. Other things like shirts I will get rid of and buy new when it’s time.  Note: Marie Kondo would probably say not to keep those pants.  But after reading her book I get the impression that it’s really geared towards urban living (small living spaces) without much storage.  It’s my opinion that as long as you have room for it, then you can hang on to and “store” a few things, but ONLY if it works within your space and ONLY if it sparks joy.


Step 1…Pull all tops out and put on the floor

I will use our bed because I can shut off our room from my toddler if necessary while I’m in process of purging so he can’t mess up my piles. Oh and on the subject of piles…I fully expect to have an easy “Keep” pile. But when it comes to the “discard” pile I’m going to struggle because something might spark joy, but because I’m in this post-partum phase it might not actually fit anymore. Which means, I’m going to have a “maybe” pile that in the end I will have to try on in order to make a final decision. Hopefully this pile is small. That will be my goal anyway!


I hope you’ll join me! And don’t forget ALL the places that you might have clothes (including your car, garage, coat closet, spare bedroom – that’s where my wedding dress is, etc).


My next post will include before and after pictures and a summary on how this Clothing purge went.


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