Declutter Plan

Declutter Plan

Decluttering Plan: the “Kon Mari” method

Have you heard of the Kon Mari method for decluttering your home? Well it seems to be all the rage these days! If you don’t know what I’m referring to, here’s a link to her book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


When I first decided to declutter my home I had not heard of this book. And I didn’t feel like I needed someone else to tell me how to declutter my home. However, I looked into videos and other online accounts of people using her method and I got more and more intrigued/inspired. So I finally broke down and purchased the book (on my Kindle) and read it over the course of the next 4 days (here and there – it’s a quick read!).


The basic principle:

Do your belongings spark joy?

Do you truly love everything around you? If not, get rid of it.


I have to admit that the idea of loving absolutely everything around me is exciting. As I’ve gotten older, I definitely know more about myself and all the things I truly like. For example: the makeup and beauty products that work best for me, what kind of clothes I prefer, the type of kitchen appliances and dishes I prefer to use, etc. Yet, I am still hanging on to things that I don’t truly LOVE because it seems like a waste to get rid of it (things that were handed down when I was first on my own and just needed to get started, things that were given as wedding presents, and things that I randomly bought on a whim that we’ve only used once).


Her book talks about these scenarios and it makes me feel better about getting rid of those things and eventually replacing them with things that I truly love. You see – those items have served their purpose. Thank them for the job they did and let them go. It’s funny to read how she builds a relationship with these inanimate objects.


Now don’t get my wrong – I’m not going to declutter just so I can go out and buy more stuff! But, the way things stand today there are times when I really want to buy something but I think to myself “I probably don’t need that because I’m sure I already have something similar”…notice I said “I’m sure”. The fact is there is so much “stuff” (and none of it is in order) that I don’t even know WHAT I have in this house. And that’s the point my friends! Go through everything; get rid of what does not spark joy, and LOVE what is left. Then if you really need something, go out and buy the item that you’ll truly enjoy having in your home.


Here’s a list of reasons why I want my home in order:

  • Make it easier to clean: when it’s time to clean, I want to just start cleaning. I don’t want to have to clear all the counters, tables, etc. in order to get started.
  • Teach my children how to put things away: everything needs to have its place in order for this to occur. And I need to set a good example with my own things.
  • Be able to LOVE my home: there are times when I complain that our home is not good enough (no storage is a big one) when in fact our home is perfect and we are just not using it properly. If we get rid of what we don’t need and use our cabinets to store the things we actually use, then our home will feel perfect. There are things in the back of our lower cabinets in the kitchen that haven’t been pulled out or used in well over a year. That is prime storage space people!
  • Have time for other things: when my house is truly clean (as in – we just had people over so we finally straightened everything) I feel so at peace. I actually find myself sitting in the living room just looking around and thinking, “okay – what should I do now?” Because for the first time in a long time, I’m not thinking about the thing that needs to be cleaned up, put away, etc. If I can keep my house in order then cleaning will not feel like such a big job and I’ll have time to focus my energy on other things that make my family and me happy.


Here’s what I envision for my home:

  • Nothing on the kitchen/bathroom counters or dining tables – clean areas so when we are ready to cook or work on an activity, we can actually use our surfaces as needed.
  • A clean bedroom that’s not used as a storage space for all the stuff we are hiding when guests come over. I want our master suite to feel like a luxury hotel!
  • A neatly organized area for our bulk storage – we do not have a pantry in our home, but I have an area upstairs in the bonus room that I intended to be used for this bulk storage (think Sam’s Club purchases).  Unfortunately, this room is a complete wreck with “stuff”.  And I can’t wait to get it cleaned up!


I’ll be following the order that is suggested in the book and utilizing this checklist which I found on Pinterest as a guide.

Week 1 will be Clothing!

Followed by:

2. Books

3. Papers

4. Komono – basically refers to everything else!

I hope you’ll join and follow along with me on this decluttering journey.


Please note: I am NOT tackling my children’s clothes or toys for this initial exercise. I’m going to focus on specifically MY belongings or household items that I can control if it stays or goes. The toys and clothes for my kids can wait but I will eventually want to tackle those as well. Baby steps!

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