New Year 2016 Resolution

New Year 2016 Resolution

Happy New Year!  Guess what?!  It’s been ages since I blogged anything.  Geez, I’m REALLY bad at this…


You see, folks…I am a wannabe blogger (well, maybe I am). I have always enjoyed writing and journaling (especially the private, diary style journals). My first experience with online journaling was Live Journal…anyone remember that? And that worked really well for me. It was popular right at the time I went to college and it was actually a helpful way for me to share what was going on in my life and allowed friends and family to keep up with me.


However, now blogs are more than just a personal account of one’s life.  Blogs tend to have a purpose, either really entertaining in some way or teaching how to do something.


When I created Carolina Hobby Girl, I was into Cake Decorating, Scrapbooking, using my Cricut machine, etc. However, I’ve really stopped doing many of those “hobbies”. I’ve become a mom, a stay at home mom, and I’m more focused on my children and getting my house in order. Plus, I do still want to keep a personal journal of things that my children do or we experience as a family (especially pictures).


So, what is a girl to do? Am I really meant to be a blogger?  Do I actually have anything to say or share with people (above and beyond what my children and I ate for lunch today)?


Enter The Experiment!


I’ve decided to do an experiment. You see, even though I say I want to blog, I’ve never intentionally set forth goals or a plan to actually keep myself blogging. And I know that’s been my downfall.

I’m planning this to be a two-fold New Year’s Resolution:

  1. De-clutter My Home
  2. Blog Regularly

I’m going to set forth my plan for de-cluttering my home and I’m going to plan to blog weekly about my progress.  This is just to get me going.  If other things come up or I just feel like it I will blog about other things along the way.  I’m shooting for weekly blogging because I’m trying not to over commit myself (especially with two young ones at home).   If I end up skipping a week of blogging I won’t be too hard on myself. But if it gets to 3 weeks without a post then I would say that blogging probably isn’t something I can keep up with. Keep me accountable people!! Remind me if it’s been a while.


I’d like to ask you to join me on this journey. Please follow along and even do the same de-cluttering plan in your home! Stay tuned for my detailed plan.


And since this is an experiment I definitely ask for your feedback (keep it positive and constructive). If you have things you’d like to read more about, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for supporting me on this journey!

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