Happy 2nd Birthday, Ian

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ian

Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? How is it that my 10lb 10.5oz baby boy is now a TWO Year Old? You’ll always be my baby boy…sweet sweet baby boy.

Ian – obviously I can’t believe your 2nd birthday is upon us. How wonderful the past 2 years have been and I keep looking forward to every day we will get to spend together in the future watching you grow. You are so smart! I know you hear that all the time, but you seriously surprise us all the time with how much you understand. Here are some examples:

1) You walked over to me with a bottle of water (Dad and I are always feeling up reusable water bottles to take places). And while I’m sure that the water in this container was fine I honestly wasn’t sure how long it had been in there so I said, “You can’t drink that, it’s old. We have to throw it out”. A few hours later as I was cleaning the kitchen, I walked over to the trash can and there it was, expensive plastic bottle and all, in the trash can. You listened and threw the entire thing out. Guess that’ll teach me to be more precise! We have to throw out the water…haha. Lesson learned.

2) I honestly don’t remember “teaching” you this, but I must have said it more than once because anytime you spill water or anything, you run over to the kitchen, open the bottom drawer, and pull out a towel. Then run back over and start attempting to wipe up the mess. Mama is very proud of you!

3) Grandma & Grandpa were watching you for us. Apparently they were having a conversation (you were busy playing in the living room floor). Grandpa said I think I’m going to get my coffee cup and fill it with water. Not immediately, but a few minutes later…you rush over to the kitchen table and grab the coffee cup bringing it back over to Grandpa. Needless to say, they were impressed! They didn’t even think you were paying attention. I guess we now know that you are listening and learning ALL THE TIME! 🙂

The next thing that is really cool right now is that you are seriously starting to talk & communicate better. You may not always say words (or words that we can understand) but you’re much more deliberate about what you are trying to say. You’ll take someone by the hand and take them to where you want something and then point specifically at what it is you want. You’ll open the refrigerator and pull out the gallon jug of milk when you want milk. You can reach in the child-locked drawers (the small amount that it opens before catching) and grab one of your baby spoons if I say get a spoon (or if you just want one to stir Dad’s coffee). You say “mailman”. “Mailman” means – ‘I hear the mail man’, ‘Let’s go get the mail’, ‘I heard someone talking about the mail so I’m going to say it too’. Even at Grandma’s house someone said something about the mail and you went running to their front door saying “mailman”.

You’re actually a pretty good listener. Don’t get me wrong though, you are full on Terrible Twos when you want to be and this is certainly not a stage that this Mama was prepared for. But, if I’m being honest with myself, as long as I am calm and in a good mood, so are you. And I am so pleased at how well you will listen. One example would be when you wanted to get the mail at Grandma’s house. It happened to be a Sunday and I simply said “No we can’t get the mail because it doesn’t run on Sundays” and you accepted that and walked away. I was fully prepared for a meltdown! Another example is you were helping with the laundry and I told you to take the basket of clean clothes to my room (well you didn’t, and you took it to the living room and proceeded to empty the clothes all over the floor). I went into my room and said “I need all those clothes in here so I can fold them”. And sure enough here you come running (several trips) back and forth bringing me handfuls of clothes at a time until they were ALL in the bedroom and on the bed.

You are really my biggest helper! We do laundry together, unload the dishwasher together, you want to help me rinse dishes when I wash by hand but I haven’t let you really do that since all you really do is play in the water.

Even when it’s difficult and I want to tell you to just let mama do it (because I would get it done faster), I try to remind myself that you probably won’t always be willing to help me. AND, hopefully it’s helping you learn for the future! At least my boy will know how to do laundry and dishes! Haha!

I love you so much, Ian. I’m so proud and happy that God let me be your Mom. You teach me new things every day and have helped me to be a calmer person. I can’t wait to see how much you progress this year. I’m betting you’ll be talking like crazy by your 3rd birthday and hopefully using the big boy potty! (Which is one of your favorite books right now).

Oh and I must mention that another favorite book of yours is actually a Chick Fila kids meal book called “The Bear Snores On”. You LOVE that book, probably as much as Mom & Dad love reading it. But specifically Dad makes funny sounds when the bear wakes up and you giggle and scream every time. It’s so fun watching the two of you read that together.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Mommy and Daddy love you forever and always!





Ian is 2!





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