1st Tooth

1st Tooth

Ian wanted to start the New Year off right with his first tooth! I guess he wants to spend 2014 eating solid foods 🙂 I was just playing in the floor with him yesterday and can’t even remember why I put my finger in his mouth, but I did and I felt it! My goodness how sharp it is. I couldn’t get a picture of it (silly boy won’t keep his tongue out of the way), but it just looks like a little grain of rice. It’s the bottom front right side.

I’m so excited for him. For the longest time he was doing something new every day and it seems he has settled into a routine and not really doing anything new. So this was a very exciting day for us all!

He’s about 5 months and 3 weeks (almost 6 months!). He’s also really working on trying to sit up and crawl. He spends a lot of time on his belly now. And just this week he will get up on his knees and just rock back and forth. But then he flops down on his belly with arms and legs in the air like superman 🙂

Here he is chewing on Sophie the Giraffe! This is a great teether and he’s really into it now that he has a tooth. *squeak* *squeak*

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