Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

This year on Thanksgiving day we went to my Grandma’s house in Bostic, NC. I was mostly looking forward to sweet potato casserole and had my fair share!! 🙂 It was delicious. All my aunts & uncles and their children were able to come for Thanksgiving, so that was really nice to see everyone. And of course it was great because it was Ian’s first Thanksgiving. This was also his first time visiting Great Grandma Murray’s House!

On Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving at Bradley’s parents house and had delicious left overs. And MORE sweet potato casserole for me! 🙂 Haha. We had a relaxing day just hanging out. Ian was in a great mood and actually managed to smile in a few pictures.

I also wanted to mention that both of Ian’s Great Grandma’s celebrated significant birthdays this month. Great Grandma Sue turned 70 and Great Grandma Murray turned 85 🙂 Happy Birthday!!!

_DSC3327 _DSC3324

Great Grandma Murray on Thanksgiving

_DSC3340 _DSC3338

Great Grandma Sue back on her birthday


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