4 Months

4 Months

This past Sunday was Ian’s 4 month birthday! I can’t believe how fast he is growing and changing. I waited until today to post because I wanted to include his 4 Month stats.

He smiles, laughs, and talks regularly. He really focuses on and grabs for toys now. He’s figuring out what those hands are for! He’s noticing and grabbing at his feet as well. He rolls over to sleep on his side or stomach. He sits in his highchair and stays content while I work in the kitchen or we sit down to eat dinner. He still nurses at least 8 times a day. He wakes up 1 time a night (and we’ve had a few times where he slept all night). His regular bedtime is 7:00-7:30pm. He’s usually awake between 7-8am for the day. I started back to work on October 7th and we’ve hired a nanny to watch Ian. Her name is Mari and she is a sweetheart! She and Ian really get along and I think he’s enjoying his time with her. He will play on his tummy a lot now that he can hold his head up high and look around. I get tickled every time I peek in on him in the crib and see him laying on his stomach just looking all around.

Shopping is still a bit of a struggle and I avoid it if it’s just me and him. The last time I tried was in October and he was quiet in the car all the way there. I got him out, put him in the stroller, walked into Petsmart and he immediately started screaming. I got the dog food and left. I tried to calm him in the parking lot because I also wanted to run into Michael’s. He seemed to settle and so I headed into the store. As soon as we got in…yep you guessed it…screams! But I went ahead and got what I needed and left as quickly as possible. He was ready for a nap and I guess he just couldn’t relax in the stroller with all the new sights/sounds.

However, we managed a trip to Walmart last weekend with Bradley. He stayed in his stroller the entire time and did well! About 45 minutes total. I was very proud of him. He also accompanied me and Mom to go watch Emily try on Wedding Gowns and he was great! He had a few moments in the car where he really screamed because he was due for a nap. But he really passed out and slept right through lunch! That was so perfect. We just parked the stroller and kept him covered and he didn’t make a peep. Then he woke up, ate, and was just happy and content to watch Emily try on dresses. Again on the way home he was fussy, but we fed him and he finally slept for a bit in the car.

I’m still baffled by his weight. He was born a large baby 10lbs 10.5oz. And when we left the hospital he was 9lbs 13oz. I expected that he would always be a large baby (even bought clothes in bigger sizes in preparation for my big baby). Well as of about 3 months old he weighed 10lbs 8oz. He has steadily gained weight since leaving the hospital but much slower than most babies. The pediatrician is very baffled by it because everything else is normal. He grows in length. He’s meeting all his milestones. He’s content after eating. He has good tone (holding head up, good tummy time, etc). The only odd thing is that he’s a slow weight gainer. She doesn’t feel that it’s failure to thrive because children with that are usually very lethargic and not meeting milestones. It’s hard not to worry about it even though he seems to be doing well. Everything I read talks about babies doubling their birthweight by 4 months! But then I will read one thing about a baby who didn’t double birthweight until 10 months. And then another thing that said, they switched to formula because their baby wasn’t gaining and he still didn’t gain after switching to formula. So it seems that there are the occasional (although perhaps rare) babies that are just slow to gain. So we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing and see how things work out. We are trying a little bit higher calorie milk for when he receives a bottle. Formula and breastmilk are usually 20 calories per ounce. If you add 1 tsp of formula to 3oz of breastmilk that makes a 24 calorie per oz milk. I know he’s growing in length because his legs are starting to hang out of the swing. I also feel his stomach is nice and round after eating, so I know he’s getting full.

So with all that said, drumroll please…..his 4 month stats today were, 11lbs 7.5oz. He’s finally got past 10lbs! YAY!!! 🙂 And 25 inches in length. He has steadily gained about 1 inch a month. He was 21″ at birth, 23″ at 2 months, 25″ at 4 months. Head circumference was 16.5″ today.

On Saturday we had his 4 month photo session. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see the pictures! Ian was a bit more content with these photos than the 1 month session. We haven’t captured our typical 4 month photos yet, but here are a few from his 3 month and one with Mari.

_DSC3035 _DSC3042
_DSC3051 _DSC3227
_DSC3208 _DSC3196
_DSC3138 _DSC3124

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