First Bath

First Bath

I have two first bath stories.  1 – first “sponge” bath before the umbilical cord fell off and 2- first REAL bath where he could submerge in the water.

The first bath was pretty crazy.  I didn’t know what I was doing and looking back trying to use the infant tub was silly.  I think I was so happy to be giving him a bath that I felt like I had to use the infant tub.  We just put in a little water but it was difficult to keep his stomach from getting wet.  Also, he proceeded to “poo” in the tub right after we got started.  So then I had to figure out how to get “clean” water in order to bathe him.  Ian – always keeping it interesting for us!  We eventually got him bathed but I didn’t continue to use the tub.  I waited until the umbilical cord finally fell off before I went back to that.

_DSC2361 _DSC2365
_DSC2370 _DSC2379

The 2nd REAL bath story isn’t quite as funny.  But we all (including Ian) enjoyed it.  He was good, no going to the bathroom in the tub.  And I think he really enjoyed the warm water.  We used the counter in our bathroom which has the HUGE mirror.  He just sat there at stared at himself in the mirror the whole time.  We bathed him fairly quickly (I was afraid he would get upset), but he didn’t.  However, once we got him out he screamed.  I think the coldness is what he doesn’t like.  I could just feel him thinking “put me back, put me back!”  But to this day he will enjoy his bath and then scream all the way until the last snap is snapped or zipper is zipped on his sleeper.  All my towels are thin…I need to try and find a nice thick towel and see if that makes any difference.

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