Long Time – Many Changes – Welcome Baby Boy!

Long Time – Many Changes – Welcome Baby Boy!

So I am just the best blogger in the world!  I haven’t posted anything since March 2012…Oh my!  Well, I hope to change that.  Obviously I’m not as “crafty” as I thought…my hobbies never seems to last for very long.  But, now I have a topic that I don’t think I will ever tire writing about and that is my precious baby boy!  Yes, that’s right folks.  Since my last post I have gone through pregnancy and given birth to a BEAUTIFUL 10 pound, 10.5 oz, and 21 inches long son.  His name is Ian Ray Williams and he is the light of our lives!

I am inspired by my sister in law who kept a blog for both of her boys (mostly I think to keep long distance family members updated) but also because it makes a nice memoir to come back and look on occasionally.  When your children ask “when did I do this and when did I do that?” you can actually go back and look it up!  She just recently is getting back into blogging herself and so it reminded me that I wanted to try to keep some posts going about Ian.

So here you go.  The initial post simply announcing his birth.

It was actually going to be a beautiful and sunny morning on July 17, 2013 when we entered Iredell Memorial Hospital bright at early at 5:30am.  I mention this because the month of July was a rainy month.  I don’t think a day went by that it didn’t rain and this day would be no exception.  But it did start out nice and sunny.  We had a scheduled c-section and were prepped and in the operating room by 8:30am.  There were some delays due to another lady having an emergency situation and the only Dr available was my Dr.  So anyway, she finally was able to get into the operating room and just a few short minutes later at 9:25am I heard the screaming and saw this beautiful (puffy) little fellow!  And he cried and cried the whole time (which at the time was a glorious sound)…now that he’s 8 weeks I do not find it all that glorious, but it definitely was that morning.  Bradley was with him every step of the way from being weighed to getting his footprints.  They quickly wrapped him up and Bradley was able to bring him over to me.  I was so worried about them whisking him off to the nursery or something but had made my preference clear that I wanted him to stay in there as long as possible if all was well.  And it indeed was well, because the 3 of us just sat there talking and enjoying each other as they finished up my surgery.  I don’t even know how long it took because I was just so focused on Ian and enjoying the moment with just the 3 of us.  Then when it was time to leave they let me hold him while they rolled me out of the operating room.  This is where we met our family who was anxiously awaiting the news that baby boy was here (and to learn his name).  In attendance were both sets of grandparents, Raymond and Charlotte Hyde and Bryan and Sue Williams, also with them was cousin Jason, and then Uncle Alan & Aunt Beth, and cousins Matthew and Jonathan.  I was so full of happy emotions that I teared up (and am tearing up now as I remember that day).  They then took us on to the room where I had to recover for about 1 hour.  From this point on it’s really a blur.  They were doing all kinds of things to me, but since Ian was also in the room I was focused on him.  They gave him a bath and were monitoring his blood sugar (due to him being such a large baby).  Pretty soon I was able to breast feed and shortly family was able to join us.

I have to say that the nurse anesthetist that was with me the entire time was FANTASTIC!  He is certainly made for that job.  He talked to me the whole time and made me feel completely comfortable.  He put vaseline on my lips because they were dry and took the first family photos of us in the operating room.  And now his name completely slips my mind, but he was fantastic.

Also, Wendy Reavis (I think that’s right) was Ian’s nurse and she was wonderful.  I actually met her a few days earlier when I had to go into the hospital and have my blood pressure monitored.  She was the nurse working the outpatient area and I really liked her.  It was nice having someone that I was already familiar with.  She was so good with Ian and really respected all my wishes.

Lastly I have to commend the lactation consultant & nurse Angela Amick.  We struggled with breastfeeding only because towards the end of our stay Ian became jaundice and they wanted me to supplement with formula.  The whole situation and the nurses involved at the time was just horrible.  I didn’t feel like I was getting all the information I needed and I felt pressured to give him formula when I wanted to breast feed.  Anyway, Angela was my night shift nurse and she came in and made all my worries go away.  She was just so pleasant and helped me get through the jaundice situation and continue to breast feed.  She felt like an angel…she WAS an angel!

We stayed in the hospital from 7/17 – 7/21 and that’s when Ian was finally discharged (after overcoming jaundice) and we were able to go home!  Such a wonderful day 🙂  He looked so tiny in the carseat.  And he just stared out the window all the way home (still does this anytime we ride in the car).

Love my baby boy and Love my husband!  He has been so good to me throughout the pregnancy, during labor and hospital stay, and once we came home.  He was and continues to be so supportive of me and I am such a lucky girl!  Love you, Babe!

p.s.  For those of you that know me well…yes Ian’s birthday is one day before mine.  So yes, the next day in the hospital was my birthday.  Ian was just the best present in the world and I’m happy we will share this time of year with each other.  I was a bit emotional the next day as being in the hospital was not necessarily how I wanted to spend my birthday.  Many people made my day!  Mom and Dad brought a present and card.  Bryan and Sue and Jason brought cupcakes.  Evelyn, Sarah, and Leslie came to visit and brought a wonderful “family” Willow Tree present, and possibly the sweetest thing of all was a card that Bradley wrote “from Ian”…this also still makes me tear up thinking about.  My first birthday card from my son!  And looking forward to so many more to come.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this birthday special 🙂

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