ECU Pirate Groom’s Cake

My friend’s Grant & Mallory were married this past Saturday! 🙂  Mallory asked if I could make a Groom’s cake for Grant as a surprise.  He attended ECU (East Carolina University) and wanted a purple and gold wedding.  She wasn’t so keen on the idea for the Purple & Gold theme, so she wanted to surprise him with a cake.  So this is what I came up with 🙂  It was a Chocolate Fudge Cake (I hate I don’t have a picture of the inside), with White Chocolate Icing.  I pretty much stick to the Wilton White Chocolate Buttercream and people really seem to enjoy it.  My biggest hurdle with this cake was not finding a box large enough to transport it in.  It was an 11×15 in cake, 2 full layers.  So a 4″ high box was not quite big enough and the top got a little bit smashed.  I did find some boxes that were 5″ high online, but I had to order 50 of them!  I didn’t feel like doing that this time around but I might have to if I end up making this size cake again.  It was yummy! 🙂

























Here’s a cake I made a few week’s earlier for my husband’s birthday.  He’s not necessarily a Pirate fan, but I told him he was getting Pirate cake because I need to practice!!

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