Baby Quilt/Blanket

This is a quilt that I worked on with my mom for one of my best friend’s 1st child.

Obviously it was for a little girl and I was really excited to make a quilt in these colors, because I just think they look great.  This is a pattern that my mom had used before on a blanket for me that is my absolutely favorite blanket.  I probably shouldn’t call it a “quilt” because it doesn’t really have any quilting, except for the quilt blocks (of color).  There is no batting (to make it thick).  It just has a flannel backing.  The brown part is extremely soft (and was actually a bit of a pain to work with), thank goodness my mom has more patience than me!  Maybe she can comment if she remembers what the fabric was really called.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

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