Lemon Cake with Buttercream Roses

One day I just got in the mood to make a cake.  I really want to try out my bake-even strips, and let me tell you, “They are Grrrrrreat!” 🙂

I also wanted to try to make a lemon cake.  At some point I’m going to attempt to make my own “pink lemonade” cake.  So this was a first shot.

Check out how awesome & even my cake is!  This was straight out of the pan.  Don’t you just love it?








Mmm…be sure to fill the middle with plenty of icing!








Yes I have the grid imprint on top from my cooling stand, but I really don’t care.  I’m covering it up with icing.
















Now it’s time to add decorations…








Lovely roses – I’m still working on the whole consistency thing.  I want good tasting icing but that just doesn’t work with the right consistency 🙂  I’ll figure it out soon enough.
















Mmmm…and now I think I’ll have a piece!








Bet you wish you had some!  It’s Yummmmy!

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