Hand Crafted Flower Pot Birthday Card using Cricut Expression

My husband bought me a Cricut Expression Machine for Christmas last year.  I was and still am really stoked about it, although I haven’t really gotten into using it..yet. 🙂  I am still learning so I’m starting off small with projects like greeting cards.

I wanted to share with you a quick card that I made for my mom’s birthday.

I used the Stretch your Imagination cartridge and chose the “flower pot” shape.

I then used the card function and just really let it do everything for me.

I used yellow paper folded in half for the main card (I’ve been leaving my cards blank inside and just simply writing my message on them.

I then cut out the card on purple paper and glued that on top of the yellow.

It’s been a while since I made this one so I can’t exactly remember how I did the pink part around the flower, but I believe it was just a simple layer that I cut at the same size so it would fit nicely over top.

Finally, I used the Simply Sweet cartridge for the letters (all lowercase).  I cut them individually on  yellow paper and glued them on as you can see below.  And Voila!  Here is the finished product:

Flower Birthday Card

And as you can read by my post, it’s all about me…I…I…I… 🙂

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