Baby Cake for Brooklyn

As mentioned previously, I decided a good project would be to make a cake for my childhood friend of 22 years for the arrival of her 1st child, Brooklyn Elizabeth.  🙂  I went with my mom & hubby (Bradley) to visit her on a Sunday afternoon.  Luckily there were plenty of people there to eat up the cake and people who would actually give me honest opinions!

I decided on chocolate and wanted to try to make the chocolate buttercream icing as well.  Note to self & others:  Dark Chocolate cocoa powder might be too much.  I decided to use cocoa powder in the frosting and saw “Dark Chocolate” when I went to the store.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate!!  So that’s what I grabbed.  However, after following the recipe from the Michael’s Cake Decorating book, I felt like it was almost TOO much chocolate.  And that sentence doesn’t come out of my mouth very often with regard to chocolate.  So anyway, I decided to cut it down a little bit by taking some out and adding butter…ahhh…butter…*sigh* 🙂  I really liked how it turned out and so did everyone who ate it.

I chose pink & green for the colors which I think are just beautiful together and knew that Sarah (Brooklyn’s mom) adores as well.  Hince the reason the baby’s room is covered in these hues.

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