Stars, Lines, & Writing

This week we finally got to play with icing!  Unfortunately, I got a cold this week and wasn’t feeling very well, but I didn’t want to miss out since there are only 4 total classes.  So I whipped up my buttercream frosting.  FYI – the main ingredient is Crisco, and I’m not too fond of the taste.  I think the point of using this is really so we can keep using the same icing all throughout the class.  So when I actually make a cake for someone to eat, I will likely not use this same recipe.
Here’s what it looked like:

We started with a star tip and practiced making stars & lines.  The zigzag technique can be used to make a neat border.  The stars are pretty neat when they are all bunched up together, but it definitely is tiring on your hand (at least at first since I’m not used to it).


Also, my icing may have been a bit too stiff making it harder to squeeze out of the bag.  Just adding a little water at a time helps to get a lighter consistency.  We definitely had to do that for the next part which was writing.
Now, I promise you I’m not this good at keeping all my letters straight.  You can probably tell that I was tracing over a practice sheet.  But the technique is pretty simple.  The most important part is to make sure you’re not pushing out icing when you get finished with a line, or else your letters will go all over the place.  When I try this on a real cake we’ll see how straight my words are πŸ˜‰ 
Bradley (my husband) has a birthday at the end of this month.  Hun, if you have crooked letters, just know it came straight from the heart!! πŸ™‚
Haha speaking of heart, notice how I tried to draw hearts at the bottom of that last image?  LOL, who knew hearts could be so hard? 
Also, we practiced making dots.  Those are pretty neat and when you get finished making the dot as large as you want it to be you have to stop the icing flow & pull up and to the right really quickly (like in one swift motion) to keep from having little peaks at the top of all your dots.  We all had a funny time trying that technique.
All in all it was a pretty good class and it was great to gets hands on.  On the way home I got great news that my childhood best friend had her daughter (1st child), so that might be a good reason to make my first cake πŸ˜‰  A welcome home cake for Brooklyn.

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