Cake Decorating 1st Class

My friend, Erika, works at Michael’s and was interested in taking some of the classes they provide…I think they are free for her!  She lives about 40 minutes away from me and even though that’s not far we hardly see each other anymore; therefore, I decided to do it with her.

When it comes to cooking/baking, I definitely prefer baking over cooking.  When we have potluck events, be it with family or work, I tend to gravitate towards desserts over anything else.  Therefore, why not make it look pretty?!  Agreeing to take this class was basically a spur of the moment decision, but I am so glad I agreed.  I can’t WAIT for our next lesson.

This past Thursday (May 6th) was the first class.  We received our lesson plans and discussed what we would be doing.  We purchased some of the materials that we will need.  Right now at Michael’s they are giving out 40% coupons to be used on a single item the next time you come in.  This is going to make buying all this supplies MUCH more affordable.  Plus, as part of the class you get a general 10% off of everything that you buy as well. 

The instructor works for Wilton Industries so most of the product that I am buying at the moment is from Wilton.  But I will be exploring other cake decorating suppliers as well. 

For next week we have to whip up some Butter Cream Icing…yum!!  I have honestly never made my own icing.  This icing is going to be a very stiff consistency, which we will thin out depending on what we need to do.  Stiff consistency is used for flowers and things that need to stand up.  Medium consistency is used for piping, borders, and flowers that will lie flat.  Thin consistency is used for writing, leaves, and making vines.

I am just dying to eat some cake!!  You should go out and eat some too.  Hopefully next week I will have some pictures to share with you.

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